FabLab Milano: Digital Fabrication Laboratory

FabLab Milano is a fully equipped digital fabrication laboratory, a place for sharing and coworking, a place where students get in contact with companies and craftsmen, facilitating an exchange of ideas and project development. In addition to our standardized services, we also offer customized solutions, adjusting our services to best address your requirements. As the services we provide are custom-tailored to clients’ specific needs and requirements, we always try to accommodate clients’ schedules and time plans. Our Fablab is located in the heart of the industrial area of Milan, close to Politecnico di Milano University. FabLab Milano is part of the global Fab Lab Network established over 10 years ago by Prof. Neil Gershenfeld that exchange knowledge, ideas and resources to collectively empower people of all ages and backgrounds.

Coworking and sharing

condivisione e coworking fablab milano

FabLab Milano is an association that offers numerous resources. The primary goal of our FabLab is to be a space for everyone: students, businessmen, professors, kids, etc. Fablab Milano provide widespread access to modern means for invention. Access to FabLab gives any community a head start in engineering, electronic and design technologies and an opportunity to experiment and learn from others.

Courses and skill development

FabLab Milano offers courses and various workshops, organize events to promote digital fabrication – a new kind of industry that turns digital designs into physical objects. We focus on sharing new technologies, training, coaching and sharing FabLab spirit. FabLab Milano organize courses of 3D modeling in collaboration with Authorized Rhino Center.

Prototyping and project incubation

The most ambitious of our goals is to turn ideas into real products combining computing skills with crafting and making. Using digital manufacturing tools we can prototype, test and improve products and services, creating a crowdfunding marketing campaign we put a product on a market. 3D printers, CNC mills, plotters and other digital instruments are the tools that support our philosophy. 

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